Busuttil says Auditor General’s office needs more resources

Busuttil says Auditor General’s office needs more resources

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has stated that resources at the Auditor General’s office should be increased.

In a meeting with Auditor Charles Deguara on the occasion of the 20th anniversary since the Auditor General’s office became fully autonomous, Dr Busuttil proposed that the National Audit Office should have two sections, one to handle reports made on a regular basis and another to work on reports requested, among others, by the Opposition.

Busuttil stated that the Office has some 41 requests for investigations into contracts, including that of the Power Station, the transfer of the ITS land, and the VGH contract on the hospitals.

Dr Busuttil praised the work undertaken by the Audit Office, saying this was one of the only entities not controlled by Government. Dr Busuttil explained that this was why the Opposition wanted the country’s most important posts, like that of the President and the Police Commissioner, to be appointed like that of the Auditor, through a two-thirds majority of the house of Representatives.