Triton statues back in place after seven months of restoration

Triton statues back in place after seven months of restoration

The Minister of Transport, Infrastrucutre and Cultural Projects,  Dr Ian Borg visited the project at the Triton Fountain as the bronze statues were lowered into position following seven months of restoration in Italy.

The Minister explained how in February the Tritons, which weigh around 14 tonnes, began their journey to Florence where extensive restoration work was carried out.

The Minister said that the restoration work included cleaning the concrete which had been plastered over the bronze figures to anchor them into the fountain’s structure, and afterwards, work began on repairing the cracks and fissures in the bronze. The bronze statues were cleaned inside and out before they were put together again. He explained that in the middle of each bronze figure a steel structure was built which starts from the base and keeps going up to the fingers of each figure to take the weight of the plate, and to avoid damage to the shoulders of the figures as had happened in the past.

The Minister said that the aim of this project which links three projects together: the Valletta Ditch, the square around the Triton fountain and the area known as il-Biskuttin, is to give a new appearance to the Valletta entrance.

The €4 million project is part of the Government’s vision to restore and renovate the capital city. He said that the works on the project are on time and added that it would all be ready by the end of the year.