Update: Man arrested following alleged knife fight at Marsa

Update: Man arrested following alleged knife fight at Marsa

The Police had to intervene once again at Marsa following another fight at the Tiger Bar. Information on site acquired by TVM indicates that the fight occurred between two foreigners, one of them the bar’s owner. The argument occurred at around 2.00 pm, with the bar’s owner alleging he was assaulted by the other person with a knife.

Three vehicles of the Rapid Intervention Unit arrived on site with unit members holding the two men who, at one moment, had to be separated as they tried to assault each other. The knife allegedly used in the argument was not found, with the bar’s owner insisting that the aggressor allegedly threw it into the sea.

However, during a Police search in the alleged aggressor’s bag, a piece of iron was found, together with a small amount of drugs allegedly cannabis. The man was handcuffed and taken to the Valletta station for further investigation.

Police officers also searched the Tiger Bar owner, however he was not arrested.

Less than a month ago, the Police were also requested at the Tiger Bar area and carried out a search during which a substantial amount of cannabis was found and a number of persons were arrested.